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Formed in 1998.
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The winter of 1999 was cold and snowy in Union City, Indiana. But, under the bleak January skies, a bright future was emerging for a fledging company. Workhorse Custom Chassis was constructing its modern 209,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

workhorse logo

Workhorse logo.

With half the roof and only two of the walls missing dedicated workers —clad in winter coats– busily assembled chassis as the snow blew in.

Why not wait for the roof and walls? Because Workhorse had made a promise to the industry to build and deliver chassis. Driven by a can-do spirit, Workhorse overcame all roadblocks to make good on the promise. Since those blustery days, they’ve been applying the same can-do attitude and single-minded chassis focus, defying all obstacles and building chassis so advanced and customer pleasing, they’ve revolutionized the motor home industry.

The revolution was long in coming. Before Workhorse, manufacturers built motor homes around the constraints chassis imposed on them. Workhorse changed everything by introducing platforms that created new opportunities for motor home manufacturers. Chassis that enhance your motor home experience and exceed your expectations. Chassis that are bigger, more powerful, and more fun to drive.

Today Workhorse Custom Chassis is one of the leading chassis manufacturers for motor homes and commercial step vans in the world. They continue to capture that original spirit in everything they do by setting high standards and keeping their promises.

(source: Workhorse)

workhorse ufo chassis

Workhorse UFO chassis.

Workhorse   Official site.
Flin2639 days ago

This chassis is one of the best chassis in the trucking industry. I am seriously planning to get some of this for my truck, a customized one to be accurate.

zen2636 days ago

I have one of those refurbished trucks. Actually, I am planning it to be my project toy for this coming year. Hope that this chassis will be appropriate for it.

bric2636 days ago

I am planning to get this chassis for my truck because of their well known quality and name. I just hope that I have enough in order to purchase it.

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