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Ozark, Missouri, USA.
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Global Expedition Vehicles builds and sells one thing, the world's best off road Expedition Vehicles. Using new Unimog chassis and composite structures, but they can also be configured onto other medium-duty and light duty chassis; medium-duty chassis such as Unimog, Freightliner, International, and Western Star and light-duty chassis such as GMC, Ford, and Toyota. Their vehicles are designed to take you anywhere in the world you want to go, and bring you back.

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Global EXpedition Vehicles logo.

Michael Van Pelt began what is now a globally recognized company with only an idea.

"I have been asked many times how I got the idea to build an Expedition Vehicle, but I must admit, it was not MY idea. Some of the ideas are mine, but the original thought was not."

"Travelers have been using various forms of "expedition vehicles" since the development of the wheel.The seed from my ideas originally came from a small article in the National Geographic magazine back in the 80’s."

Global EXpedition Vehicles builds their overland expedition vehicles to meet a number of criteria. Here are just a few:

• Chassis strong enough to carry anything that you want to put on it
• Power enough to cruise at comfortable speeds
• Off road capabilities with high clearance to go over any terrain and take you places a regular pickup would not go
• Locking differentials and gears to drive high-way speeds or rock-crawler travel
• Large fuel storage to never be stranded
• Water and electricity storage to throw away that umbilical cord
• Luxury of a high-end land yacht

(source: Global EXpedition Vehicles)

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